About us

Mari Bersama Cultural Club was founded in Hamburg in August 1994. Most of our members originate mainly from Malaysia or Singapore, many of whom are married to Germans. We do have members from other countries as well as we practice an open policy of welcoming anyone interested in joining our activities.

DSC_1590For us this represents the bringing together of the various races found in the club namely, Chinese, Indians, Malays, Eurasians and Germans. Our main aim is to cultivate the mutual and cultural understanding of the different races. Together we celebrate the four most important festivals of the various races and religions in Malaysia and Singapore, these being Hari Raya for the Malays/Muslims, Chinese New Year for the Chinese, Deepavali for the Indians/Hindus and Christmas for the Christians/Eurasians. In doing so, we hope to open a window into the understanding of the variety of cultures, customs and cuisines of the various groups. Being in a home away from ‘home’, it also helps our members to celebrate the festivals in a comparable art as being celebrated in their home countries and feel connected to their roots. Other activities include Dance and Cooking courses, weekend getaways, BBQs’ and games in the ‘Stadtpark’. We keep our members updated and informed by publishing a Newsletter three times a year. If you’ll like to be a part of our Club, please feel free to contact us.

Everyone is Welcome!